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Detailed Coded Records

Detailed Coded Record

The practice also offers patients access to their Detailed Coded Record (DCR) which offers a greater amount of information than is available in your Summary Care Record.

The video below is a short introduction that helps give an overview of some of the advantages of having access to your DCR. You may also find further helpful information at NHS England’s Youtube Channel.

Access needs to be requested once you are registered for online services and this can be done easily by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to SystemOnline.
  2. Go in to ‘Online Account Management’.
  3. Go to ‘Manage Online service’.
  4. Next to, ‘Detailed Coded Data’, click on ‘Add’.

Alternatively you can download an application form here and return this to reception.

Each application will be considered individually in line with our policy and can take up to 28 days to approve.

Access For Under 18s

In line with national guidance, access for under 18s to their Detailed Coded Record is not currently available. Under 18s will continue to have access to the online appointments system, repeat prescriptions and their Summary Care Record.

Proxy Access

A competent patient who has capacity can choose and consent to allow online access to relatives and/or carers. ‘Consent To Proxy Access to GP Online Services’, form must be completed which can be accessed here.

All applications in circumstances where a patient does not have capacity to consent to proxy access will need to be discussed with the practice and will be decided on an individual basis.

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Friends & Family Test

  • The Friends and Family Test (FFT) is an important feedback tool that supports the fundamental principle that people who use NHS services should have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience. Listening to the views of patients and staff helps identify what is working well, what can be improved and how.

    The FFT asks people if they would recommend the services they have used and offers a range of responses.

    Click here for more information

    We would like you to think about your recent experiences of our service.

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